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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

This Is My Story - Was It "Just a Dream?"

There's an old joke in Christian circles about a man who went to heaven. St. Peter met him at the gate and began showing him around his new home. The man admired the lovely scenery and commented on the angels' beautiful singing voices. They came to a tall enclosure, and St. Peter held his fingers to his lips and whispered that they should tiptoe past this structure.

After they were past, the man asked St. Peter what that was all about. He said, "Well, that was the place where the [insert name of whatever church believes they have the only way] live. They think they're the only ones here."

Not long after I became a Christian, I had a vivid dream. I know, we've all had them on occasions, and I'm not saying every memorable dream is from God. But I think this one was. It's only my opinion, you understand, but it answered some questions for me. I'll only hit one aspect of the dream today.

After becoming a born-again Christian, I was pretty sure I knew who would make it there and who would not. Members of certain religions didn't have a prayer, so to speak. Anyone who didn't have the same kind of experience I did wouldn't be there, either.

I had a strong opinion, in other words. Dogmatic.

And then along came this dream. I was walking along in heaven, and God said, "You're going to be surprised who's there."

No explanation. No further discussion. Just that I'd be surprised.

I was already surprised, and also pleased. A load lifted from my shoulders--I didn't have to be the one who judged who should go and who would not. And some people I loved who passed on before, ones I didn't think would have a chance--maybe they'd be there.

I don't have any way of proving that dream was from God, but I'm convinced it was.

Thanks, Lord.
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