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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Book Review - SPECIAL DELIVERY by Kathi Macias


I finished reading Kathi Macias's second book in her Freedom Series about human trafficking. Kathi is one writer who always inspires me to be a deeper Christian, and this book was no different.

It's hard to understand people evil enough to force a child into sexual slavery. It's harder still to believe anyone could "turn a blind eye" and ignore such ugliness and allow it to continue. Or worse, to participate in the rape of the innocents.

Special Delivery continues the story of Mara, a girl illegally transported across the border from Mexico and forced into this scene by her own Tio (uncle). Freed from the grips of her captors in the previous book, Deliver Me from Evil, Mara now moves from Mexico to San Diego, this time legally. She has an honest job working as a waitress, she's thinking about some college courses, and her uncle is in prison where he can't hurt her.

Or at least she thinks she is safe. But her uncle has long arms that reach out of the prison to again place her in danger. As if that wasn't enough, a man and a young girl Mara is sure is also held in slavery come into the cafe, and she cannot help but notice them.

Somehow, she has to help. Perhaps a woman who gave Mara her card would be willing to help. She did before. And a young woman and her brother who had rescued Mara before discover that she's back in town, so now she has friends on her side to help.

But does she want them back in her life? Mara isn't sure she wants anyone from her past around. Especially not the handsome young man who rescued her and stirs feelings in her she has no right to feel. No man could ever want her in his life, not with the past she has.

Special Delivery, one more novel that will dig into your heart, is available through,, and Barnes and Nobel. And if you didn't read the prequel to this, Deliver Me from Evil is available from the same sources.
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