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Monday, June 25, 2012

Monday Morning Devotion - Let Us Not Grow Weary

Galatians 6:9 - Let us not grow weary in doing what is right, for we will reap at harvest time, if we do not give up.

Do you ever get tired of doing the same old thing one day after the other? When is the last time you found your work was mind-numbingly boring? Have you ever wanted to give up or quit?

I can remember getting tired of the kids arguing. And wishing they would all eat what I fixed without complaining. Or wondering if my husband would ever get that chore done that he promised to do last week and the week before and the week before. I wanted to run away.

Then I went to work as a contract administrator--and the endless letters to research and write, labor reports to scan, and change orders to seemed the to-do piles grew faster than the weeds in the yard. Were there no shortcuts?

It's unavoidable. We all get weary sometimes. The temptation to run away or take shortcuts is real, and sometimes we just want to quit trying. But the Bible says we will reap at harvest time if we keep going.

You know what? My kids don't argue any more--instead they rush to meet each other whenever the opportunity presents. The workload at the office might not have gotten any lighter, but I got one thing done and picked up another. The stack goes down if you just keep plugging away.

The Bible says something else, too: To do everything as though you were doing it for the Lord. Your boss doesn't sit in a chair down the hall. He's sitting on the throne in your heart--I hope, anyway. And work and life will be a lot easier for you if He is your Boss--trust me. Or rather, trust Him.

Keep going--just one more time, just one more item, just one more day. It does get better. Lean on the Lord and see.

Prayer: Lord, sometimes I get so tired I don't want to keep up the good work. I want to quit. I want to run away. Help me put one foot in front of the other. Help me keep my eyes on Your promise, to reap at harvest time. Be my Lord, my Boss. I know You know the way, and I know if I follow You, I'll get there. Thank You, Lord. In Jesus' Name, Amen.
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