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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Story Tuesday - Renae McMorris Parsons

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This story is one from my daughter Renae. ~ Anne

Mom asked me to write my testimony, so I am going to try. I spent many years knowing Jesus as my savior and backslid many times. I was baptized at thirteen and was high on God for a few years, but went hot and cold many times.

As I began raising my own family I turned back to God when things got tough as a single parent. He always provided for our needs in one way or another. That is one part of my faith that has always remained strong. Over the years I let things of the world take my attention away from focusing on God. Then about two years ago I had an experience that brought me in close contact with pure evil.

My son-in-law is an alcoholic and began having seizures. The first time I went to the hospital with my daughter and son-in-law, I thought the seizures he had were very odd. It appeared more like an internal battle than a seizure. I know many people do not believe in satanic possession; I do.

A few weeks after this trip to the hospital, my daughter called me and asked me to please come over because Eric was having another seizure, and he had physically attacked her and then went after the kids. I called my brother and asked him to pray with us. This was a battle and one I was not prepared to fight.

Making a long story short, we spent three hours battling with the demon. During all of this I could feel God holding my daughter and me in His hand and protecting us from the evil in the room. I have since looked back on that time and realized that I was the only person there the demon would not physically attack. It tried emotional attacks, but with God’s help I saw through the words and had the response that was needed at the time. I am still baffled by all that went on that night, but it was a turning point in my walk with God.

I made many changes in the way I conduct myself. My walk with Christ is stronger than ever after this experience, and I have found that if I let go and let God He will lead me where He wants me to go. I still don’t always pay attention, but I am learning that He has a plan for me and will point the direction. I just have to follow the arrows.

Through the experience, I have felt a stronger pull toward the walk God wants me in, and it made me stronger as a person. He opened several doors and closed a few too. I know that He has a plan; I just have to be observant and willing. He has put me into a learning environment that will allow me to study psychology from a Christian viewpoint.

He’s also given me the courage to tell the people in my life they need to make some changes and walk the walk not just talk about it. God is good and will provide the way when you are willing to follow. The path is not always clear, and as people we tend to detour, but He can even use the detours to help us grow.
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