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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

"My Story" Tuesday - a repost of "Wayfarer's Quest"

I'm using this repost of a FaceBook friend's blog with his permission and the permission of the woman whose story it is. Robert Scott is the writer of Wayfarer's Quest, and he posted a testimony he heard in his church. This person's story is anonymous, but true.

Monday, April 23, 2012, Wayfarer's Quest

Prayer moves a heart to change.......

We had a recent testimony given at Church regarding how the Lord healed a broken heart. Now, this was not a broken heart of the emotional variety. But, it was a heart that was not functioning the way that God has designed it to function. Yet, we know that by His love and grace, He can heal both the latter and the former.

Discovering such a malfunction in a young lady was especially troubling news for both the teen and parents. Yet, both knew and had seen God heal in the past. And when we harbor such truths in our hearts, it opens wide the doors of faith, and allows Him to do what He does best.

Here is the testimony.

In November of 2011, my daughter after having taken a shower became light headed, dizzy, and was having difficulty breathing. It seemed that her blood pressure had dropped dangerously low for no apparent reason. I had her sit down. This in an attempt to relax her, allowing her blood pressure to come into order. It worked, and it seemed to us to be just some kind of momentary episode. We joyously went through the holiday season without a repeat of the condition.

Yet, in January it happened again! This time not part of a singular event, but that of many smaller episodes over time. She was becoming dizzy a lot more. Shortness of breath, overall weakness, and a funny hacking cough began to accompany the dizziness over a couple of weeks. She said that when she did cough, she would be out of breath. It was becoming more noticeable as she went about her college studies and work day.

Enduring a consistent week of this behaviour, I called the doctor. After first discussing it over the phone, she had us come in right away. Our physician has been our daughters doctor since birth. When she listened to her heart she heard an abnormal rhythm. Also during the course of the exam, she notice how my daughters blood pressure readings were both high and low during the several that were taken while we were there in the office. Our physician ordered a EKG, as well as a bunch of other lab tests. When they came back,all the tests were all normal, except for the EKG. It seemed to show that there was a definite abnormality in the upper right chamber of our daughter's heart. Her suspicion was that either there was some kind of hole in her heart, or a definite blockage.

We were no going from being concerned to alarmed. We were sent to a specialist in Santa Barbara. While in the specialists' office they took several EKGs. Each one registered that indeed there was some kind of anomaly going on in her heart. Then, to get a very precise reading on the condition they ordered an immediate ultrasound while we were there. It was during this testing while battling fear and the unknown, my husband and I began to pray.

It was right before all of our very eyes that as the ultrasound was being performed, a change occurred to the upper right chamber of her heart. The heart rhythm that had registered wrong since our first doctor's visit was now being corrected. We watched as the rhythm itself changed! After the rest of that day's testing was completed, NO abnormality was found.

We all knew that it was at that moment God had performed a miracle on our daughter's heart. The following week, when any of the symptoms would begin, to reappear, we would declare she was healed, and that there was nothing wrong with her heart because God is a God of healing. Then the symptoms would disappear. We have also had our Church's intercessory prayer team praying the whole time. I am glad that she has been episode free for over three months. And the tests show there is no more anomaly.

Jesus is a God of healing. Sometimes, it's immediate. Sometimes it takes time, and faith. But either way, the scriptures tell us that "by His stripes, we were healed." It is finished.

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