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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Interview - Rick Mayhew

Rick Mayhew
Anne: It's my pleasure to introduce to you today a new friend, Rick Mayhew, author of Donovan's Law, a futuristic view of what could happen if "the end" were any closer.

Hi, Rick, nice to have you onboard today. I’m in the process of reading your book, Donovan’s Law, and I’m curious what made you think about writing. Can you tell us a little about it?

Rick: It was January 2007, and we as a nation had just said our goodbyes to old Mr. 2006. Like most of you I had high hopes of what a fresh start with the New Year would bring to my family and I. It was late one evening, and I had just finished a chapter from one of the many Christian fiction books that I read over the years. I closed the book, laid my head down next to my wife, and tried to go to sleep. Being a hopeless insomniac back then, my mind began to wander. I was rehashing the storyline I had just finished reading, thinking how I would have written it slightly different than the author. That’s when it happened. Something spoke in my heart and said, “You should write a book.” I thought about it for the briefest of seconds, and then laughed at my naiveté. “How could I write a book? I have never taken a class or even read an article about what it takes to write a book.” I rolled over, closed my eyes, and repeated to myself out of disgust, “Write a book. That’s silly.”

Anne: Hm. So you totally put it out of your head. Went to sleep after telling yourself, “That’s silly.” And yet, something must have inspired you to keep going.

Rick: The next evening I remember going through the same routine. I was once again laying my head next to my wife in a futile attempt to sleep. I began thinking, “What am I going to do? I can’t sleep, and I have to work in the morning. I need to sleep.” But the harder I tried to convince myself to sleep, the more awake I became. Then I felt that gentle nudge again, “Write a book.” Out of shear frustration, I rose from my bed and went into my office and sat at my desk. I gazed over the computer screen and said, “Okay, what do I write about?” Then it came to me. Write about something you know. Write about a firefighter who can’t sleep. And so the first page of my book, Donovan’s Law, begins with a firefighter on duty at the fire station and his attempt to sleep. The book was born.

Anne: Yes, yes, and then what?

Rick: For the next year, I placed on paper the events of the book as they unfolded within my mind. I wrote the book as though I was watching a movie. I did not know what the storyline was going to be or who or what the characters were going to do until I would sit down each night and begin their journey. Ultimately when I finished, I had 235 pages lying on my desk beckoning me, “Now what do we do?” Once again, I had no contacts or experience in getting a book published so I prayed for guidance.

Anne: What did you get in the way of guidance?

Rick: I decided to e-mail Focus on the Family because I had been a supporter of their ministry for years. I asked them for advice as to how one would go about getting published and if they would be interested in reviewing my manuscript. I received a very polite e-mail saying they did not publish fiction novels for now, but thanked me for considering them. Well, I figured that must be my answer. So I placed the novel on a shelf and walked away for three months.

Anne: Three months! Wow, how could you stand it?

Rick: Not well, I'm afraid. Night after night, I kept getting the urge to pursue this endeavor. I soon came to realize I could not give up so easily. Finally, I decided to e-mail them again. This time I received an answer suggesting I submit to a website known as Writer’s Edge. It turned out that Writer’s Edge is a company that looks over new author manuscripts and decides if there is a chance for publishing. If they give a writer the nod, then they will post your manuscript along with hundreds of others on their site. Publishers looking for something new and different visit this site.

Anne: I’ve heard a little about Writer’s Edge. What happened then?

Rick: I was only posted for about three weeks when I received an e-mail from what is now known as OakTara Publishing. The publishing agent asked if I had signed a contract yet with any publisher. When I told them “no” he said my manuscript was exactly the type of book they were looking for in a new author. Donovan’s Law, a futuristic thriller based on today’s headlines, was published in August of 2011 and is now available in paperback and e-versions through,, and any Christian bookstore that carries Lifeway Christian Store products. In addition, OakTara Publishers stated they would be interested in a sequel. God is truly amazing!

For more information about Donovan’s Law or to see Rick’s blog you can visit

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