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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Book Review - Donovan's Law

Donovan's Law by Rick Mayhew
Yesterday I interviewed Rick Mayhew, the author of Donovan's Law. Today, I'm reviewing his book. Rick is a chief officer and chaplain for the fire servant in southern California, and he's writing from what he knows in this novella, his debut novel.

Donovan Law is an engineer in his fire department, and he takes his job seriously. Things begin to get crazy.

An apparent electrical fire at chemical plant is just a practice session for a diabolical committee. One person rescued from the fire pays a visit to Donovan's fire department to extend his thanks, and they give him a tour of the station. A definite mistake.

Not long after that, fire departments across the US begin to have explosions--dirty bomb explosions. The US President uses it for an excuse to declare war on religion--because obviously, most wars are declared over religion. All religion must be confined to buildings sanctioned by the government.

When Donovan and friends begin distributing leaflets about Christianity, they are deemed terrorists and blamed for disasters, including riots and bombings.

This book looks like the beginning of a series with similarities to the Left Behind series. Keep in mind it's fiction--but still, let us be warned.

Rick's book is available from a number of sources:,, and Barnes and Nobel, as well as local Christian bookstores that carry Lifeway products.
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