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Monday, May 7, 2012

Monday Morning Devo - Worrying

Matthew 6:27 - Which of you by worrying can add one cubit to his stature?

I'm a short person (five foot two inches). Since I'm a woman, being short is not seen as being a detriment, but there are definitely times I'd like to add a cubit (about 18 inches) to my height--like when something I want is on the top shelf.

But what if I stood staring at that top shelf and worrying. Would I get any taller? That would be a little silly to even consider, wouldn't it?

When Jesus made the statement above, I believe the point he was trying to make was worrying is silly. While I know this in my head, sometimes my heart forgets. My husband and I often travel separately to church. Yesterday I left our prechurch Bible Study and entered the sanctuary for church and didn't see my husband in our usual sitting place.

I stepped outside and opened my cell phone, frantic. What had happened? Why wasn't he there yet? And then I saw his pickup. Whew! Instantaneous relief. Anxiety had been silly. It turned out he was in the same old place in the same old pew, but people between us hid him from view.

Did I think of going instantly to prayer? Yes--but for an instant there, I worried. Big time worried. Focus on worry. And found out it was silly.

Most of our worries come to nothing, don't they? And the ones that do--well, worrying didn't make the problem go away. Prayer works much better. God has the solution. God has peace. God is the healer, the provider, the comforter. Let's lean on Him instead.

Lord, please help me today and this week. Help me hand my worries to You when they come up. Help me remember You are there, too. I yield to Your greater wisdom and abilities. Today, this instant, I give You my problems and ask You for the solution. I love You and I trust You. Thank You, Lord.

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