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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Whatever things are of good report

I met with Barbara Scott, an editor from Abington Press today--and no, she didn't offer me a contract, just some helpful advice--but it was a delight to talk to her. Why? Partially because she offered earlier to put on a one-day workshop for Sacramento (and for the Bay Area), and I'm the area coordinator for Northern California ACFW--so I'm going to be setting up this workshop. At least I hope we're going to have the workshop--if there are enough folks from north central CA who are interested. It takes a few participants to make it worth the effort.
And there have been some ideal workshops and presentations today. I went to one one historical fiction, one about the basics of writing, and there was another presentation by Tim Downs, a fun lunch with a group at Les Stobbe's table, and a wonderful time getting to know Marilyn Ford better (another first-timer here). There were times of prayer with people, strangers who hugged me and prayed for me before I met with Ms. Scott. I could go on and on, but you get the idea.
The highlight today has got to be the 15-minute meeting with Barbara Scott, though, so today's top plus goes to that. I think. I still have one more meeting to go that starts in about an hour.
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