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Friday, September 17, 2010

If there be any praise

This was truly a neat day, and I'm actually ending it before the last event today--I'm so wiped out I can scarcely move. But--a promise is a promise, and I promised I would put something on each evening of this ACFW conference about what was neatest. It's hard to choose--there were a lot of really great happenings.
I met a few of the people I've chatted with in FB or in the various e-mail loops--you can look at someone's picture on FB and sometimes they are so totally different in person that I don't recognize them--or I don't recognize them because I'm totally spaced. Anyhow, it was neat to meet them.
Also neat was listening to James Scott Bell (lawyer, actor, writer of several legal thrillers). He's not only a wonderful author, but also a very entertaining and informative speaker. I wrote about 10 pages of notes from his talk, and I'm thinking there are a lot of things I will add, delete, and move around in my novels.
And then we listened to Tim Downs, who has written a number of other thrillers. He's also an evangelist and with his wife leads marriage seminars. Wow, the power of his presentation was awesome--he talked about how Jesus constantly told stories (parables) whenever He spoke to people.
What was the best thing?
Well, from an informative point of view, James Scott Bell--How often can you listen to someone for 4 hours and hang on every word? But then, for encouragement for writers, it would have to be Tim Downs. Ah, but it was so great connecting with folks--I won't name them all because If I left out or misspelled someone, it could hurt their feelings. I'll just leave it as being a real blessing seeing each of them.
I hope God is blessing your weekend, too.
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