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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Whatever things are true

Ah, yes, the best thing that happened today was, um, uh, well, lessee...
Both flights were on time and uneventful. Plusses.
Chatted with a neat lady on the first leg--Sacramento to Denver--Mary Wood. We learned each other's life histories in no time at all and the time flew by. She's a writer, too, although she isn't a fiction writer and she wasn't headed for Indy. Another Plus.
The shuttle driver got us from the airport and to the hotel, dropping us off several blocks in advance of where the official drop-off spot was---BUT, where he stopped was only one block from the hotel. His route took him by a very circuitous way around the area. There were about a half-dozen of us who got off at that spot. That was a plus, too.
And, the registration desk for the conference was still open--15 minutes past when they were going to close (bless those volunteers), so all of us were able to register tonight. Super plus--that's another half hour we get to sleep in tomorrow. Coming from the West Coast, that's a huge plus--3-hour time difference, ya know.
Thank you, Lord, for a smooth day.

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  1. Agggghhhhh! I can only plead exhaustion for the blooper on this post--it was NOT a plus that Mary Wood did not go on to Indy. It WAS a plus getting to chat with her all the way from Sacramento to Denver.


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