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Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Book Review - MURDER IN DISGUISE by Donn Taylor

Another really great mystery! This is the third in a series of Preston Barclay Mysteries, and reading this one made me wish I'd read the previous two--it's really good! Tension builds all the way through toward a great unexpected and satisfying conclusion.

Preston Barclay ("Press" to friends) is a history professor afflicted with an interesting disease--Musical Ear Syndrome, which he's had since his wife died several years previous. He had been asked by his good friend Jordan Collier, the to teach a summer class in Christian history, and a month before Press arrives, Jordan is found dead by an apparent suicide. Press goes to pay a belated visit to Grace, Jordan's wife, and they are caught by her son in an embrace; never mind that it is strictly comforting. She wants him to investigate Jordan's death--she's sure it wasn't suicide. All he promises is that he'll talk to the investigators. They give him the file to peruse, and to him, it certainly looks like suicide. Grace has spread the word he's investigating, and he's constantly denying it to students, faculty, and the police.

He goes to his visiting professor office and is greeted by a short-shorted, tight-bloused, tattooed sexpot wearing way too much perfume--his assigned assistant, Rainbow. She leaves perfume on everything she touches, and she straightens his tie. Trying to explain things to Mara Thorn, another visiting professor and his inamorata, earns him icicles instead of hugs, but ....

Oops. Don't want to tell you too much. Grab this one before it goes away, all right? Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

I received a free copy of this book from the author, but the opinions and evaluations are my own.

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