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Thursday, January 11, 2018

Book Review - SECRETS IN THE UNDERGROUND by Laurie Penner

This is the second of Laurie Penner's fantasy in the Secrets of Gwenla Series. It's a fantasy rife with symbolism and secrets that most readers of the Bible will find fascinating and familiar.

In the first book, a long-held notion that leaders held in their enclosed Valley was that everything outside the walls of the Valley was dead, but Julyiah and some companions succumbed to their curiosity and discovered that not only was that notion wrong, but also that the Voice and Music hadn't died out centuries before either. It just needed awakening--or rather the people needed to wake to the joy of the Music.

Now some leaders are wanting to entrap people again. They record the beautiful heavenly music and tell people they can listen to this music and never need to reach out for the Voice, that the canned music will take them to Good Places, always Good Places, and they need never have another sad or stressful moment.

But along comes Dawnli--fighting to escape the fate those in the Underground want to force her into--even her own mother! She's adopted by a couple in the Valley and grows as a follower of the Voice. However, she's engaged to one of the misleading leaders and in danger of losing her joy. She wants to do what is right, but is afraid of anything uncertain or insecure. Surely, marrying Lansel is the right thing to do. Until he shows his other side to her.

Run, Dawnli, run!

Okay, now that you have heard enough to entice you, go to Amazon and grab a copy!

I received a free copy of this book from the author, but the opinions and evaluation are my own.

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