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Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Book Review - WINTER'S KISS by several popular authors

This is a collage of super-neat Christmas romances by super-neat authors that you will love. I could end this review with that statement, but I want to give you just a taste of each story, so read on:

And You Came Along by Elaine Stock: First there's this cute little boy (Caleb) and his young mother (Jaycie) who's just been fired from her job; then there's this guy (Zander) looking for peace in the middle of a PTSD storm; and add a blizzard to the duo. You wind up with three people stuck in a cabin, two broken cars, and helpful cabin-owners. Stir vigorously, and bake next to a warm fireplace.

A Different Kind of Christmas by Carole Towriss: Rob is at odds with his father and two brothers--he doesn't fit into his father's mold of rich, powerful, and demanding Yale graduates. His mother, though--he thought she was different. More caring. And then there's Juli, a temporary nanny running from a disastrous relationship and sure that anyone who attended Yale would be the same as the Yalie who duped her and dumped her.

To Gain a Bodyguard by Tanya Eavenson: Madi is an undercover agent and a very good one. Brice is her undercover and real bodyguard--also a very good one--but Madi is rather uncooperative. Should he give her space (especially with that ex-boyfriend) or should he whisk her unwillingly off to where he can watch over her more effectively and perhaps permanently?

Christmas Reflections by Ginger Solomon: A young woman with bad burn scars (Marisol) can't believe any man would be attracted to her; Garth is a widower with a sweet little girl who wants a mommy. I'm sure you can guess the end of this, but you can't know (without reading it) how great the passage is from beginning to end.

Tropical Kiss and Tell by Liwen Y. Ho: Lucy Choi is a young woman in search of her identity; she has an Asian father and an English/Irish mother. Auburn hair with Asian eyes. Dye the hair black, dye it blonde, bring it back to Auburn. Go to Hollywood, get into the movies--even if it is a tiny, obscure part, or return home to San Francisco and avoid seeing her long-time best friend Micah. Too many choices, most of them wrong.

Carousel Christmas by Laura V. Hilton: Every year, Nick volunteers his off-duty time to put up the Christmas decorations in a northern New York lakeside village, and each year he longs for Noelle to come home. He isn't sure what he did to offend the girl he's loved since high school, the only girl he ever loved, but she disappeared from the face of the planet right after graduation. When she shows up, her sister does everything she can to shoo her away again. Now what?

Take my word for it, friends, this is a great book. Or novellas, but all under one cover. All six of them on special at Amazon and Barnes and Noble for 99 cents for the ebook. Come on. Buy your sweetie or yourself a present.

I received a free copy of this book from one of the authors. The opinions and ratings are my own.