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Thursday, December 21, 2017

Book Review - CHRISTMAS SANCTUARY by Merry K. Stahel

This is one of those Christmas stories that would be absolutely a must-watch on the Hallmark Channel, one that tugs at the heart-strings, inspires you to go to that Christmas Eve service, and in general, just snags you! I think I'll read this one again next Christmas. Unless, of course, Hallmark makes it into a movie per my advice.

We start out with a young woman (Dea, short for Judea) desperately trying to link up her son--well, not exactly her son--with his father. Not an easy task. Said father (a) doesn't know this boy exists, and (b) has determined no one, and that means this innocent little boy and his so-called mother, will ever get close enough to pull him out of his self-imposed prison of grief and anger.

Jesse had lost his wife and son in a fire they couldn't escape from because he hadn't fixed a door. This boy Dea was trying to foist on Jesse was a dead ringer for his son, although a couple of years older. Jesse can't look at him, let alone love him.

Dea seems to attract the needy since she moved into the old parsonage in back of the no-longer-used church (no longer used because Jesse resigned from the church when his family died). First Heidi, pregnant, too thin, and headed for Mexico. Then the scrawny, matted mutt with two puppies. Then Joe, down on his luck but a willing worker. And not counting Nathaniel and Mary, the donkey and his chicken who refused to leave.

Tantalized? Curious? Wanting to know how God can untangle this rat's nest? Run to Amazon and grab a copy of Christmas Sanctuary before it's too late.

I received a free copy of this book from the publisher. My opinions are influenced only by my own heart.