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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Book Review - WHERESOEVER THEY MAY BE by Terri Wangard

Stories about World War II (or any war): You know they're going to have a little patriotism, some heartache, and plenty of action. That is, if they're any good at all. And this one is. I love the way Terri Wangard weaves the lives of so many people together. I know it's fiction--but it's so darn believable!

Lily Swanson and her husband Frank have so many plans for the future. She wants to be a wife and mother, but while Frank is off fighting the war, she will do her part. She becomes a electrician at Douglas Aircraft and will do the best job she can for the pilots and crews of the bombers she's helping to build. Frank is the chief petty officer aboard a destroyer called the Spence. He gets impatient with the wet-behind-the-ears seamen under his supervision, but remembering his sweet wife, he tries to be also an encourager. Difficult at times. In addition, another petty officer, Frank's friend, Victor, also lets him know when he's coming on too strong.

Joe is a pilot in a spotter plane (a Cub) sent ahead of the troops so they knew where to direct their artillery shells. He has a permanently sore shoulder from the thumps the excited observers give him when their troop's artillery hits the target. Getting shot down isn't part of the plan, but it happens all to often. When it happened to Joe, the Allied doctors glued him back together and sent him out in yet another Cub.

Susan is Lily's sister and more than a little prickly. She considers Lily a Goody-Two-Shoes, but agrees she should also do her part. With her fellow WACs, she's sent to the European front. Of all the crazy things, she becomes friends with another too-sweet-to-be-true girl. Pearl just refuses to rise to the numerous snide remarks from Susan and sticks to her like glue.

Something about people in the armed forces during war--it changes people, just as you will find in this novel. Rough edges either get sharper or rounded off; the weak links become strong, timid souls find courage. No one comes out unchanged.

You can find out by buying Wheresoever They May Be, available from Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

I received a free copy of this book from the author. The review and ratings of the book are my own.