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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Book Review - HEALING OF THE HEART by Loree Lough

I admit it. I've become addicted. Loree Lough's books have found their way into my reading habit to become a "must have" instead of an "I'd think I'd like to read this." This one is a historical romance, and one I think guys would also enjoy because it's got a man's man in it.

Rex Truett joins the police force instead of his chosen money-making career in the hotel business. Why? Because he wants revenge on that heartless owlhoot, Verdell Lundgren, who killed his pa. Eventually, he winds up in Fairplay, Colorado, with his Aunt Mavis and two children made orphans by Verdell.

Verdell's daughter and wife, Ruby and Cordelia McCoy (Cordelia's maiden name), also land in Fairplay, but for much different reasons. Ruby is so ashamed of her father and the evil deeds he did that she spends his ill-gotten gains on restoring as much as she can to those he harmed. Fairplay should be the last stop on that mission.

Cordelia assumes the persona of a society matron while Ruby rolls up her sleeves and goes to work. A generous allowance for Ruby's mother keeps her in new gowns and jewels and happily out of Ruby's hair most of the time.

Of course Rex and Ruby are destined to meet. But each of them withhold secrets, and those secrets ensure they will not see any fruition of the attraction they both feel.

You could help them out, you know. Buy the book. Whisper in Rex and Ruby's ears wise advice. You know how it should end, but they obviously don't.

Available from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and who knows how many local bookstores.
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