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Thursday, August 24, 2017

Book Review - HEALING LOVE by Jennifer Slattery

This book is probably classified as Inspirational Romance, but I kid you not, it's BIG on inspirational, and not just for the romance. I sniffle over orphans all the time, and this book has an armful of them.

Brooke Endress has a burning desire to become a news anchor, and she's well on the road when her little sis (Aubrey) all of a sudden wants to go on a mission to El Salvador. Which would be bad enough in an of itself, but her aunt and uncle say they won't let Aubrey go unless Brooke goes with Aubrey. No way. Everyone knows El Salvador is full of vicious gangs and unhealthy practices. No place for a germophobe.

Ubaldo is a teacher in El Salvador living on a shoestring, yet he finds the money to take medicine to his mama. Papa doesn't have much use for Ubaldo--thinks his son is "too good" for his poor farming family now that he has that fancy teaching job. What good was an education for a farming family? So Ubaldo's siblings had no education. He had to fight for his, and had. He can earn a little extra by being a translator for a bunch of Norte Americanos arriving for a mission trip.

Huh. The teenagers spend very little of a week or two with the children and lot of money on themselves, then make promises to return but never do. Why did they bother?

Brooke had no intention of doing anything but keeping her little sister safe, which she'd been doing since their parents were killed in a car wreck. But the orphanage children and two street children capture her heart. Oh--and then there's Ubaldo....

Hey, folks, this is FREE as an ebook on Amazon today and tomorrow! Since the author was so gracious in spending her own dime to offer this to you for free, would you be so kind as to give her a review on Amazon and Goodreads? It's also available on Barnes and Noble as a paperback.

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