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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Book Review - SOAR LIKE EAGLES by Terri Wangard

I have always enjoyed Terri Wangard's books. Possibly because I love well-written historical fiction, but also because this lady obviously loves to write. The research and story development of Soar Like Eagles makes it a pleasure to read.

Carol Doucet has volunteered with the Red Cross to cook and serve donuts to the soldiers serving during World War II. She wants to be where that little dose of encouragement is most needed, and she gets her wish. Bombs and rifle fire and anti-aircraft guns all but leave her deaf, but still she and her crew must smile and lift the spirits of the men in uniform.

Chet Vogel is a navigator on a B-17. He briefly meets Carol first in America, then England. He battles the same fear most of the flyboys do: Being shot down and having to parachute over Germany--plus his father's voice in his head constantly reminding him he'll never amount to anything.

Despite her best efforts, they connect. She doesn't want a war romance, knowing how many of the men don't return. Besides, some of her friends had married soldiers with disastrous results once they really got to know each other. That wasn't for her. But Chet--well, she's afraid her resolve might weaken, so she volunteers to go into France. Besides, she'd like to see where her ancestors came from.

If she and Chet are meant to be together, somehow, sometime they'll meet again.

She wasn't considering that in wartime "somehow, sometime" can happen in unexpected, hazardous, and disastrous ways. Find out how by buying the book at Amazon.

I received a free copy of this book from the author in return for an honest review.
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