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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Book Review - PEACH BLOSSOM RANCHER by Ada Brownell

This Christian Western Romance is set in Colorado, and it's the second in the Peaches and Dreams series.

The rancher in question is John Parks, and we meet him trying to lead an unruly but beautiful black stallion into a stall in John's barn. The stallion had belonged to John's deceased abusive uncle and had been subject to repeated beatings from the man. Now that the animal was here, John intended to gentle him and use him for a standing stud. He no sooner gets the horse settled when he hears a woman moaning.

Sure enough, a woman in the hayloft is about to give birth. John and his hired man, Abe, take her into the house where Polly (Abe's wife and the ranch cook) sees to the new baby boy's delivery. It turns out Bellea was compromised by a wealthy family's son, and the family sets out to get the baby, but they don't much care about Bellea.

John has his sights set on a young widowed lady lawyer, Victoria, but another pretty girl, Edwina, also has her sights set on John.

The novel is fast-paced, and the story is interesting. You might like it! Available from Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

I received a free copy of this book in return for an honest review.

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