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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Book Review - BREAK EVERY CHAIN by Barry Napier

One of the most horrendous things I can think of is child abuse, particularly sexual abuse. Barry Napier has tackled this gut-wrenching topic with the clarity and anger it deserves, and it's hard to believe this book is fiction--it sounds way too real. Actually--what goes on is real. Although this story takes place in Nicaragua, what happens could be in nearly any country worldwide,

Gabrielle is a young child in South America sold by her aunt to sex traffickers. Her little sister had leaped from the back of the cattle truck they're in several hours before and escaped, but Gabrielle isn't sure if  Natalia can survive the cold nights and hunger in this thick forest long enough to make it back home again.

Ryan had begun going to the Bent River Community Church when his marriage and his life went south. He was struck by the stories coming out of a small hideaway in Nicaragua, and something in side him--Someone?--urged him to go. The pastor at Bent River agreed with that, and off Ryan went without a clue what he was doing or even how to speak Spanish.

The little rescue home acreage (Jubilee House) is guarded by a huge man the locals call "the Giant," transportation and translation is provided by a happy but crazy driver named Miguel, and the whole thing is run by one small widow with a huge heart, Sarah. Dozens of children play in the mud and dust. Ryan finds that every time he sits down he is surrounded by children, some on his lap and some snuggled up to his side.

He's not so sure he believes in God. How could God allow these sweet children to be so abused? But soon he finds in a situation where he must believe or die.

Grab this book from Amazon or Barnes and Noble. You won't be sorry. You might even be inspired.

I received this book free from the author in return for an honest review.

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