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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Book Review - BURNING LIGHT by Rachel Star Thomson

This book two in the Seventh World Trilogy, and it's just as riveting as the first one (Worlds Unseen). It's Christian fiction (Sci-Fi or Speculative Fiction) at its best.

Nicolas Fisher, one of the Gifted, has been hearing voices--which for him is nothing unusual. This one voice is louder or at least more insistent than the others. It's River-Daughter's voice. She wants to be set free. Nicolas doesn't understand what she wants to be set free from, but he's afraid it has something to to with the Blackness.

Where? She just says to follow the stream, a river that ran upstream for a time to get his attention. So he does. He runs into some Gypsy friends who don't think his gift is odd at all. They follow with him, and they rescue a man from a doomed ship. They take the stranger to an abandoned hut. Odd--the man keeps muttering something about his son Nicholas. If the guy means Nicolas Fisher, Nicolas wants nothing to do with him. His father deserted his mother and him when he was just a tad.

Two more of the Gifted are disturbed. Virginia, blind but with awesome visions, and Maggie, whose songs are more than just songs. Something's wrong, and events transpire that amaze and confuse both of them.

And then there's Michael, the guy in the first book who returned to his home on the Green Isle to lead his small clan. The problem is that the Blackness follows him, only to kidnap all the children and take them to Althrom. How can he get them back? Why were they kidnapped?

When will the King arrive? Too late?

Look for Burning Light on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

I received this book from the author for free in return for an honest review.

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