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Friday, December 16, 2016

Book Review - GIVER OF WONDERS by Roseanna M. White

My favorite genre - Christian historical fiction - by one of my favorite authors, Roseanna White. If I could stay awake that long, I could read her novels front to back without stopping to eat or sleep!

As usual, the characters are believable, real people--well, sorta real. It is, after all, fiction. I guess I should say realistic.

Take, for instance, Cyprus. She's an ordinary, high-spirited youngster with red hair and green eyes. She gets in trouble more than once because she doesn't follow the rules all that well. The trouble she gets in at the beginning of this book is because she went to the port to wait for her father's ship to come in. A bunch of rowdy sailors began to chase her, shouting things to the twelve-year-old that would make her mother blush. Cyprus climbs to the rooftops to escape them, but they follow on the ground, still shouting. She leaps from one rooftop to another and another until....

That's how the young men, Nikolaus and Petros meet her, lying still and broken on the ground. Petros steps back to let Nikolaus do what he does best: work miracles. Cyprus goes from paralyzed and unable to feel anything to up and walking when he bids her to rise.

So begins their friendship. Nikolaus, known in Patara, Lycia, as the Wonder Worker, and Petros, his cousin and best friend, also became the girl's escorts and companions. Over the years, Petros longs to become more than a friend, but he says nothing.

Then comes the day when Cyprus's world comes apart. Her older twin sisters, lovely dark-eyed and black-haired young women, have become betrothed to two men of wealthy families. That should have been an occasion of joy, but Cyprus's sleepless night excursion to her parent's bedroom becomes a revelation she can't reveal. She overhears them talking about how her father's expensive tastes have brought them to the edge of poverty, and her mother must journey to her father's home to plead for one more loan that will pay her sisters' dowry. Her mother demands a promise from her father to cease his exorbitant spending while she goes to plead their case.

Which he doesn't abide with. You can only find out about this spiritual, financial, and horrifying disaster by going to Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or a bookstore near you to pick up your own copy. Speedily, before it's too late.

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