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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Book Review - FINDING RILEY by Dan Walsh

Dan Walsh is one of my favorite authors, and he's a gifted writer. You won't ever be disappointed by anything he writes, guaranteed. This book is a pet story, one aimed directly at your heart strings if you have any affinity for dogs or kids.

John Finch moved to a Florida homeless camp with his friend Alfred Two-Sheets, thus named by his friends because he was seldom three-sheets to the wind but often close to it. John, who stopped drinking because the doctor said he'd die if he didn't quit. had a cot and a sleeping bag, but the cold snap that hit Florida about the time he got there ensured almost ceaseless shivering even in his sleeping bag.

Riley is a happy little black and white mixed breed dog. His best friend is Jeffry, and they do almost everything together. Jeffry and his mom, dad, and sister are going to Disney World, and Riley will stay in a pet motel next to the resort. It would only be perfect if Jeffrey could stay with Riley, but Jeffry comes to see him every day. Then one day they all head back home, stopping half-way through a long straight stretch of road to let Riley do his business. Riley sees a rabbit and takes off in pursuit, the leash breaking loose from his collar. Jeffrey runs after him, but he slips and sprains his ankle badly. His dad carries him back to the car and takes him to the nearest emergency room many miles away. Then Dad goes back to search for Riley--no luck.

Christmas approaches with a sad little boy hating that his furry friend is still lost. He worries that Riley might die of the cold or starvation.

But Riley has found John, and the whole homeless camp falls in love with the little charmer. Will Jeffrey lose his best friend to them? You can find out by purchasing the book from Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

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