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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Book Review - EASTON AT THE FORKS by Rebecca Price Janney

This is an unusual book, both historical and contemporary women's fiction. I liked the historical section better, maybe because I usually love historical fiction.

Because I like to keep the best for last (kind of like dessert), I'll tell you about the contemporary part first. Erin Miles is a widowed history professor at Hatfield College, but her career is cut short when her doctorate--or lack thereof--gives her the choice of teaching English or leaving. The college plans to hire another person to be the history professor. Erin's been aiming at the doctorate for years and all she has left is the dissertation, but a young son and teaching has taken her time.

At the inspiration of a former heartthrob, she decides to trace her ancestors in order to be able to join the Daughters of the American Revolution. A woman who is a member and officer of the local club helps her trace the shaky and faded trail back to someone, any one of her ancestors who had been around before the war started, fought in or supported the American side.

Meanwhile back in the eighteenth century, Sheriff Peter Kichline is recently widowed, a sad situation since so many people in the Easton area depended so heavily on him. His three children depended on him too, especially the youngest, a child who spent much more time at one of his neighbors than at home. The indentured servant girl who tried to take over the cooking and cleaning left a bit to be desired, and she wanted to marry and leave, so now he also has to find someone else to take over that responsibility,. A thief had been taking a lot of things from the various businesses and even from the local farmers, and Peter had to find out who it was and apprehend the crook. It was time to come out of his mourning stupor and take charge once more.

So--you can pick up this book from Amazon or Barnes and Noble and find out (1) if Erin gets to join the DAR, and (2) if Peter will apprehend the bad guys and avoid all the single women now in pursuit of him.

I was given an  electronic copy of this book by the author in return for an honest review.
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