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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Book Review - CURRENCY OF THE HEART by Loree Lough

A new book by one of my favorite authors, Loree Lough--and one of her best. Thanks, Loree!

An earthquake shakes Sterling Hall followed by a fire that finished the destruction. Shaina Sterling found herself without a penny to her name and only the clothes on her back. Actually, the double disaster might have come at a good time--it would hide the fact that she'd sold off most of the furnishing and her expensive clothing to keep herself off the poor farm. Even if life did leave her with no source of income now. When her husband Harper died, she found out he'd been driving Sterling Manufactory into the ground,

Sloan Remington had been orphaned when he was a young child, leaving him without a safe place to call home and shameful secrets that just kept piling on top of his shoulders. Despite the fact that he was now a wealthy rancher and owner of a fancy Denver hotel, he never felt like he could do enough to help his employees or friends. Not to mention the pretty little widow who'd just lost her home just in time for him to offer her the job of housekeeper at his ranch, seeing as how his current housekeeper had just broken her leg.

The only problem was, how was he going to keep her there once Mable's leg was healed?

I love the way Loree spins a story! You can buy it from Amazon or Barnes and Noble, not to mention off the shelves of your favorite local bookstore.
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