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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Book Review - THE DIARIES OF PONTIUS PILATE by Joseph Max Lewis

Something I haven't been doing that I will begin with this review--the genre of the book. This isn't how it's listed on Amazon, exactly, but I would call it inspirational suspense. Inspirational because it definitely has Christian content and suspense because you might just as well be hung above a bottomless abyss from a fraying cord.

Kevin Elliot and Jill Gates have made a heart-stopping (at least for an archaeologist) discovery during exploration of some caves by the Dead Sea in Israel. Word gets out, and before you can say "get me out of here" they are under deadly attack. It's not unusual for an archaeological dig to be plagued by thieves, but these are not the ordinary antiquities robbers. No, these guys want to destroy the scrolls Kevin and Jill have found--and kill everyone who has seen, heard about, or worked on the writings.

Joseph Max Lewis manages to kill off nearly everyone. The good guys versus bad guys escalates until you wonder (a) if anyone is going to live through this, and (b) if the ancient scrolls will survive. It's a mess that only you can straighten out by buying the book. Go get it at Amazon or Barnes and Noble!

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