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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Book Review - REMEMBERING DRESDEN by Dan Walsh

Dan Walsh has quickly become one of my favorite authors. He is super-talented at creating mysteries filled with heart-thumping action. This is the second one of his Jack Turner mysteries, the first one being When Night Comes, a spooky book indeed. As in the first one, be prepared for nail-biting with Remembering Dresden--which by the way has nothing to do with Dresden crockery.

His father already dead, a little boy in war-torn Germany loses his mother, brother, and sister in one horrific day, leaving Luther Hausen an orphan, one of hundreds in the country. He grows up without a touch of loving or caring from anyone, half-starved and homeless. The boy matures in post-war East Germany into a man filled with hatred and a thirst for revenge.

When the Berlin Wall is destroyed, the man leaves for the US with his own young son, one thing on his mind: to find and kill all the pilots of the bombers who destroyed Dresden. His son, Burke Wagner (name changed when they left Germany) is a State Senator in Virginia. He has embraced the US, especially the capitalism and politics. His father is dead,  buried along with his vicious deeds. Burke has an aide who carries out the senator's own cover-ups and hidden skeletons.

Until Jack Turner rents the senator's cabin and stubs his toe on a loose board. He pulls up the unfastened loose board and discovers something the senator will do anything to cover up. Jack and his girlfriend Rachel find themselves again embroiled in a horrifying mess.

You definitely want to get this book to see how they get out of this scrape! Amazon or Barnes and Noble.
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