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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Book Review - VIPER'S NEST by Shirley Raye Redmond

Don't you love a good mystery? Yeah, I thought so. Check this one out.

Widow Wren Bergschneider follows her boss, Professor Allan Partner, into a creepy old building that used to be an insane asylum with a guide that could have played the servant in Frankenstein. Bad enough that she had to go back to work after the death of her husband and leave her little girl with her sister to babysit, but this might have been carrying things too far.

Especially when Allan--I mean Professor Partner--wanted to go into that even creepier tunnel that was supposedly used for moving food from the kitchen. She had to go with him, didn't she? And then someone shot at them. Of course her sister found out, and she didn't want Wren to go back, but of course she had to. The professor needed her. Didn't he?

And then they found the body. And a spooky older lady offers to help, and because she used to be the administrator there, Allan agrees to her terms--looking at the manuscript before publication, and a small part in the book. It sounds innocent.

Allan wants, above everything, to keep Wren safe. After all, she has that sweet little girl to take care of. But he just has to find out one more thing about the asylum.

You might want to leave all the lights in the house on while you read this.

Available from Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

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