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Monday, January 25, 2016

Monday Morning Devo - Song Stories: Praise You in the Storm

"Praise You in the Storm" is a song that has been running through my head for about two weeks now. It's not a really old song, like most I've talked about so far. It was written by Mark Hall, lead of the singing group Casting Crowns. He wrote it in 2004 because a ten-year-9\old little girl, Erin Browning, was dying of cancer. This little girl's faith in God never seemed to waiver, despite the extreme pain.

The group had gotten acquainted with Erin and her family a few months before. She had choreographed and would dance to one of the Crowns' other songs, "Here I Go Again." Mark went to watch the family perform the dance at their church on Valentine's Day, 2004, and began getting acquainted with the family. Erin would dance to the song one last time at The Carolina Theatre before sliding down into the final depths of the disease.

As he began to write it, he told her mother in an email, and when Mrs. Browning read it to Erin, she screamed in joy, screamed so loud it hurt her mother's ears. Erin wanted to hear the song, but she passed into the arms of Jesus before it could be recorded.

Mark was devastated that she didn't get to hear it--he had written it for her, after all. And then Hurricane Katrina happened the day before it released. Thousands of people needed that message in the song and were blessed by it.

Are you going through your own storm alone? You don't have to. Give a listen HERE and understand God is with you there.

Lord, I would love you to remove the storm and let me walk with rainbows surrounding me, but when that's not in Your plans, thank You that You are there with me. Amen.

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