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Monday, January 11, 2016

Monday Morning Devo - Song Stories: "In The Garden"

Wow, this has got to be one of the neatest stories behind a hymn. It reads almost like a novel.

It was written in the spring of 1912 by C. Austin Miles, a photographer and church musician. One day he was sitting in his darkroom reading his Bible. He opened to the story in John 20 of Mary Magdalene when she discovered Jesus in the garden after finding his tomb open and empry. After he'd read the story, he sat there, his hand on the Book, kind of staring into space, envisioning the scene. Mary walked into the garden and to the tomb, looked into it, and turned away, sobbing. John and Peter came too, and looked in, then turned away also. Another Man walked out of the shadows, and when Mary recognized Him, she knelt at her Master's feet, lifting her hands and calling Him Rabboni (teacher).

Mr. Miles woke up then to sunshine. He grabbed his pencil and paper and began composing the lyrics as fast as his fingers could move. That evening he wrote the music.

And here it is, as sung by Elvis HERE.

Lord, this song has touched so very many hearts. Thank you for inspiring this gentleman to put down words that still touch hearts of listeners and singers for more than a hundred years since. May it touch someone today and draw them to You. Amen.
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