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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Book Review - A RELUCTANT MELODY by Sandra Ardoin

What a beautiful story Sandra Ardoin has spun! You're gonna love this one!

Joanna Stewart is a widow under suspicion by the entire town. Her much older husband died the day after the doctor pronounced the pneumonia under control and that Clayton Steward should be almost back to normal within a couple of days. She can't stand the looks the wealthy residents give her, so she's become somewhat of a recluse, accompanied only by Rose, her best friend, and her friend's little girl, Annie.

Her wealthy husband hadn't left her with much, one formerly elegant house, but it didn't surprise her. He hadn't had any respect for her since she had told him her shameful secret. However--her much older husband's son, just a couple years older than Joanna--makes no secret of his pursuit of her. She has warm but not ardent feelings for her stepson, Perry Stewart, but he's persistent. She has to sell the old house, and Perry agrees to handle the sale.

Christopher Barnes (better known as Kit) is part of her shameful past, and when she finds out it's Kit who wants to buy her house she attempts to block the purchase.

Meanwhile, Kit has a shameful secret of his own--he's an alcoholic, but reformed. In fact he and the man who believed in him enough to help him reform, are wanting Joanna's house in order to provide help for other men trying to escape the grip of liquor.

Meanwhile a ruthless man seeks to destroy Joanna, one way or the other, or force her into a life she doesn't want. But then, even Joanna isn't sure of the life she wants.

Suspense, romance, mystery--all mixed up in one delicious book. Grab it, folks. Available from Amazon.

I received this book free in return for an honest review.

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