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Friday, October 30, 2015

Book Review - WAY DOWN UPON A SUWANEE MURDER by Ane Mulligan

I swanney, that Ane Mulligan can sure weave a story! This is a short short story. I read it in under a half hour. This review might be longer that the story. KIDDING! Although it's rumored I can't say anything in less than 80,000 words, I promise this won't be that long. Maybe.

Ane Mulligan has this wonderfully wacky sense of humor, and she tangles it into even her scary (?) stories of ghosts. There's this couple, see, (Savannah and Jackson) who want to get married in her family's ancestral home, purportedly haunted by a couple of ghosts (Savannah's great-great Aunt Eulah Mackey and Ferris Halbert). The Mackeys and Halberts had been feuding for over a hundred years, and the engaged couple wants to be the ones to end that feud.

Oddly enough, Savannah strongly resembles Eulah, and Jackson is a dead ringer for Ferris. Savannah and Jackson visit the old mansion and sure 'nuff see the ghosts, who keep trying to silently tell them something. But what?

This is the perfect Halloween story for your busy day. Go for it. And get this--IT'S FREE! at Amazon.
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