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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Book Review - ECHOES FROM THE PAST by June Foster

I know--another of June Foster's books appeared on this blog yesterday, but I review in the order that I receive the books unless there are extenuating circumstances. No apologies offered. :) Besides, I happen to relate to so much of what June writes. She always manages to stir both the heart and mind.

What are the odds? Pastor Dave Reyes had years previously advised his best friend NOT to marry a woman from his family's church, the Exalted Brethren by the name of Betty Ann. Now a pretty and petite blonde stood at his door, announcing her name as Betty Ann. Not that common a name.

However, it was what--or who--she brought with her that really blew him away. A little six-year-old girl that Betty Ann says is his daughter. One look at Alice convinced him even beyond the evidence of a birth certificate, a will, and DNA. The sweet little girl's mother, Beth, had been Dave's lover years before, and he had no idea she was pregnant when he heeded God's call to the ministry. He had asked Beth to marry him and join him in ministry, but she had refused. Now Beth is dead, and the little girl becomes a part of Dave's life.

God forgives, but sometimes the results of sins linger. Pastor Dave's congregation will never understand. He prepares to resign, an action that will tear his heart out.

Meanwhile, Betty Ann has found a woman who will come in to take care of the little one when Dave has to be gone. Alive loves and clings to Betty Ann and to the new woman--who Alice calls grandma.

Dave is in a bunch quandary. He wouldn't mind keeping Betty Ann in his life, but she's not a believer. He'd done that once and didn't want to go down that path away from God again. He won't desert his young daughter, but in keeping her, he must leave his congregation. And then there's the mystery of Alice's instant connection to the housekeeper she calls Grandma while he is still kept at arm's length.

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