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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Book Review: A CAROL FOR KENT by Hallee Bridgeman

This book is part of the Mystery, Murder and Mayhem Collection, Seven Deadly Mysteries by Best-Selling Sleuths. I'm not sure where you can get the entire collection--I'm not finding it under that name on Amazon or Barnes and Noble--but you can get the individual books. I'm not reviewing the whole collection anyway--only the inspirational ones. I review Christian books without sex scenes or more than very minor profanity,

Wow--A Carol for Kent would be a great Halloween mystery--a psychopath going after a particular woman, but temporarily content to kill lookalikes.

Carol Mabry is the Assistant Commonwealth Attorney assigned to murders, so she has the dubious honor of being called to crime scenes. A series of crimes obviously by the same killer has the city in an uproar--the murderer makes sure the victims are redheads (even if he has to dye their hair), dresses them in professional-looking attire, places red candles at the ends of their feet and hands and over the head, and strangles them with a violin string. Clearly demented. They have to find him before he kills again.

Meanwhile, Carol is reconnecting with the man who fathered her little girl, reeling from deception by those close to her, and trying to keep her public and private lives on an even keel. That's growing more and more impossible, because the father in question is a country music icon Bobby Kent--worshiped by countless women--and the killer is getting closer and closer to home.

Now that your blood is chilling, run get a copy from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Christian Book Distributors.

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