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Thursday, October 15, 2015

Book Review - ANYTHING FOR A MYSTERY by Cynthia Hickey

This book is part of the Mystery, Murder and Mayhem Collection, Seven Deadly Mysteries by Best-Selling Sleuths. I'm not sure where you can get the entire collection--I'm not finding it under that name on Amazon or Barnes and Noble--but you can get the individual books from these places. I'm not reviewing the whole collection anyway--only the inspirational ones. I review Christian books without sex scenes or more than very minor profanity,

This would be another great one for Halloween. It's got a frightened damsel in frequent distress, a spooky peeping tom, weird neighbors doing unexplainable things, and murders by the score. Okay, maybe only a couple of murders, but you get the picture.

Stormi Nelson is a best-selling romance novelist, but her publisher wants her characters to have more individuality than they've had. Stormi is an introvert, one who'd just love to spend all her time writing and ignore the world, but she thinks maybe she should branch out into mystery writing. There's been a murder in her neighborhood, so she volunteers to be head of the neighborhood watch. In fact, the only member. And so she goes a-sleuthing and gets herself into and out of pickles from hither to yon.

She might not have done so much sleuthing, but the detective assigned to the case is positively straight out of the steamiest romance novel ever written. Besides that, Stormi's mother, sister, and sister's two teenagers have moved in with her. The nephew, her mother, and reluctantly, her sister, join in the sleuthing. So does the detective's sister.

Oh goodness, what a mess. Can you untangle it? Buy on Amazon!

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