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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Book Review - ANDREA AND THE 5-DAY CHALLENGE by Cindy K. Green

This is a delightful YA novel, the first I have read by Cindy K Green, and I am definitely impressed! Now I realize I'm somewhat past my teen years, but if I were a teen I would love this book. Oh, might as well admit it--I'm not that young but I still loved it.

Andrea Jamison is the typical awkward-feeling teen girl. Sixteen going fast on seventeen, she's pretty sure she's the ugliest girl in school, not to mention a dweeb of the most awfully boring life imaginable. She's not in the popular set--well, some of her friends are, but still. One of the four A's (Andrea, Amy, Angie, and Alisha) since the fourth grade, she was the most backward.

Yet Amy thought she, Andrea the Dork, should ask the most popular guy in the school, Luke Ryan, to Homecoming. Sure. Like if she ever dared to do that he wouldn't turn her down in a split second. Yes, they were friends, but no way would Luke think of her that way.

Besides, her parents didn't want her to date until she was eighteen. They wanted her to focus on the piano. The big recital is Saturday, the same day as Homecoming. Her parents believe she has a huge chance to go to one of the big musical schools, like Julliard, and representatives of a high school with a musical focus (there was that word again) would be there.

So you see, no way could she go with Luke. Not even if he asked her three times. Really.

This super-neato (okay, there I go dating myself) book is available from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Christian Book Distributors.

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