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Saturday, April 18, 2015

Saturday Sermonette - Without a Doubt (King Saul)

So when Samuel rose early in the morning to meet Saul, it was told Samuel, saying, “Saul went to Carmel, and indeed, he set up a monument for himself; and he has gone on around, passed by, and gone down to Gilgal.” 1 Samuel 15:12, NKJV

In the Old Testament, Saul had been anointed King, at God's command, by the prophet Samuel. At first, Saul was humble and felt honored to be so chosen. It didn't take long thought until Saul seemed to think he knew better than God. He had no doubt that he should have absolutete authority. Even God's prophet should be subject to him.

Samuel told Saul to wait for him, and he would offer a sacrifice to God. Saul got impatient and did the sacrifice before Samuel arrived. Not only that, Saul failed to follow directions on fighting the Amalekites. He thought he knew a better way than God did. Arrogance.

Now, before we judge Saul, we have to remember--we sometimes do the same thing. God enables us to do something extraordinary, and then we feel entitled to keep on doing that thing--even though we are told not to, or to wait. Sometimes He gives us an assignment, but we don't want to do it the way He says. The same kind of arrogance.

A long time ago--okay, even to this present day--I tend to try to amend God's instructions to my design. Once I knew for quite some time (a couple of years) that God wanted me to move, but I didn't want to. I wanted to stay in Phoenix and keep being active in the same things I'd been doing all along. Trouble is? God had a better idea.

It's hard (or impossible) to resist God when He really wants you to go somewhere or do something. I think a lot of times it's really optional--it doesn't seem to matter quite as much. But that time, it was apparently very important to God. He didn't give me a choice. He pulled the job rug out from under me. If I wanted to continue eating and liked sleeping under a roof, a move was unavoidable.

God pulled the kingship away from Saul. It took many years, but eventually his replacement--David-- took over. So...

Lord, remind me when I want to go my own way, You are smarter. You created the universe without suggestions from me. You set the earth on its axis with no help from the audience. You redeem those who love You. You have a plan, and I do want to be a part of it--show me what my role is. Thanks, Lord.
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