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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Book Review - MESSY, BEAUTIFUL LOVE by Darlene Schacht

Only novels and movies make marriage happily ever. The truth is far from it. Marriages are often rough rides through uncharted badlands interspersed with valleys of great beauty and peace. The rough spots can be made a lot smoother when you follow God's recipes for husbands and wives.

Darlene begins her book with a shocking admission, one that could have torn her marriage to Michael Schacht but instead lifts it into the realms of God-given grace. It wouldn't have happened if the two of them hadn't been listening to God--especially Michael. His reaction was anything but the expected one.

It's a challenge. Doing things God's way isn't usually easy. A radmap through the badlands would be a good thing. Amazingly, this book does a pretty fair job of providing just that. It's available from AmazonBarnes and Noble, and Christian Book Distributors in ebook, paperback, and audio book.
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