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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Saturday Sermonette - Seeds, Part 5

Seeds are hardly ever glamorous. They look a lot like dirt in many cases. They look dead. They have hard shells. And they're not much good alone.

A plain little seed can produce such beautiful flowers, and sometimes fruit or vegetables. They're miraculous.

First they need to give up their own protective characteristics. That shell that protects them. That being able to blend into the background, to be unseen.

That's a comfort sometimes, to be unseen. Out of the limelight. And that shell--I wore one for a lot of years.

What's so great about giving that up? What's the purpose?

How can you become all God intends you to be if you stay a seed? That's just the beginning. Jesus said that unless a seed meets up with the earth, sun, and water, it remains just a seed. Alone. Unproductive. But...given the Word, the love of God, the encouragement of godly people, and the Living Water--those additions to their lives, they grow and flourish.

During part of our lives, we're seeds, and that's okay. Every strong, healthy, producing plant began as a seed of one sort or the other. But God never intended that we stay seeds, alone and stuck inside our shells.

Father, please help us become all that You intend us to be. Give us the courage to die to ourselves in order to grow up. Grant us caring people who will love us out of our shells. Inspire in us a love for Your Word and the Living Water. Thank You, Lord.
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