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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Book Review--MARK OF LOVE by Laurie Penner

Lots of women, especially young women, suffer from low self-confidence because of perceived physical imperfections. Weight, less than perfect teeth, acne, height, a nose that's not straight and small--and dozens of other minor to major visible "defects." We are our own worst critics.

But what if your own mother thinks you're ugly? What if the port wine stain on your face seems to make people turn away from you? Amy Kramer is certain she will never find love because of the stain she can never completely cover with makeup. Worse, she can't even find a job--until she's hired at a company that focuses on refurbishing recreational vehicles for handicap operation.

When the handsome sales manager asks her out for lunch, she tries hard to hide the right side of her face from Zach until he assures her he isn't put off. Still--this guy can't possibly be interested in her, so Amy is determined to get him together with her beautiful model sister, Cindy. They would be perfectly matched--both very good-looking people, both caring and outgoing.

And Amy will be satisfied with the office clown, Steve, a guy who can't hold any job for long. Even this one as the office go-fer he got because he's related to the owner. That is, she'll be satisfied if she can only forget how she feels about Zach while he courts her sister. And if she can begin to feel anything other than sisterly toward Steve. But an ugly girl has to be satisfied with what she can get and not keep trying to aim for the stars.

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