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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Saturday Sermonette - Advent: Joy to the World!

It isn't long now--God's promise is about to be born! Five days! Can you feel the stir of excitement in the air?

This is what Advent is about--anticipation of the joy!

Now, a lot of kids might think it's anticipation of Santa coming--but there wouldn't have been a Santa if it hadn't been for Jesus being born.

If it weren't for God giving His first (and only begotten) Son to this world, I wonder where we would have been. One Man made more difference to this world than had ever happened before or has happened since.

I think about where I was before I met Him, and I'm pretty sure you wouldn't have liked or respected me much. I know others in the same situation. I see the difference between those who know Him, and those who don't.

And then I think about my first Christmas after being born again. Wow! I hope you have experienced this too. The Christmas songs I'd sung the words to for the previous 29 years--suddenly the words took on meaning. "Joy to the World," "Little Town of Bethlehem," "Away in a Manger," and, of course, "Silent Night."

It would be a dull, cold winter without this mid-season burst of happiness. Faith grows. Hope blooms again. Love, generosity, and grace are revived.

Advent. It even feels joyful on the tongue. Thanks, Lord, for entering our lives two thousand years ago!
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