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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Book Review: SOMEHOW, CHRISTMAS WILL COME by Peggy Blann Phifer

Oh, goodness--a story that will make you laugh, cry, and cheer out loud. Excellent job, Peggy Blann Phifer!

The story begins in the spring with the wedding of Molly Dugan's best friend, Amalie, but quickly moves from the wedding in St. Paul, MN, to Las Vegas, NV. Molly couldn't go when her dear brother Patrick's wife Jaime had been killed in a boating accident. Now that the wedding is over, she's hurrying to Las Vegas to offer consoling hugs to her brother and his darling little girl, Bethany.

What she didn't realize until then was that her brother had begun drinking. Not just socially, but heavily and every day. It was also a shocker to find out his wife had died while cheating on him. If it weren't for Jaime's mother, Jessie Baker, taking care of Bethie...well, it could have been a worse disaster than it already was.

Attempts to talk to Patrick about getting into AA or some kind of treatment only resulted in angry arguments, and then the day came when Patrick's best friend, Trace Whitcomb, arrived at the door with news Molly should have anticipated--her brother, drunk as usual, had been hit and killed in a collision with a cement truck.

Trace steps in to help and becomes....

Oh no you don't! You're not tricking me into giving away the rest of the story! Go find out yourself by buying from Amazon (e-book HERE or paperback HERE), Barnes and Noble, or CreateSpace.
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