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Sunday, November 16, 2014


It's been a rough year in the Mullens house. Jillian glumly announces to her dad that she doesn't want to celebrate Thanksgiving. It had been her mother's favorite holiday, but since she died earlier this year--well, it would just be too hard to celebrate. Besides, sixteen-year-old Jillian didn't know how to cook a turkey.

To her surprise, her dad, Jim, agrees. She thinks her normally upbeat father has lost his senses when he says he doesn't want to celebrate Thanksgiving either. All he wants to do is find somewhere that he doesn't have to face life any more. Worse--he and most of their camping gear turns up missing the next morning.

Jillian goes to her grandmother's house, and bad turns to worse. Jillian's best friend Sammie, who is her grandmother's foster kid, is talked into taking meth by her boyfriend. Next, Sammie grabs a knife and cuts her arm badly and threatens everyone there.

They subdue her and take her to the hospital. And then Jim shows up and finds all the blood and nobody there. How could things get much worse? And will Jillian and Jim's wish for "no Thanksgiving" be granted?

Short story--available on Amazon for only 99 cents.
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