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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Book Review - SOMETHING'S WRONG by Laurie Penner

Lyme Disease--one of the sneakiest, toughest, most devastating diseases the devil ever invented. Symptoms creep in all over the body from head to toe, and you might think you are going absolutely crazy.

Some of these crazy symptoms? Inability to focus. Forgetfulness. Lost memories. Aching joints. Extreme weakness. Heart palpitations. Vision and hearing problems. And negative lab tests that say nothing is haywire, but you know there is. Your insurance company refuses to pay for more tests.

Many people have given up the fight. Many more are misdiagnosed. Even if correctly diagnosed, sometimes the antibiotics you get don't work.

This book is about one woman's fight to find out what is really wrong and what to do about it. It might open your eyes, folks. Available on Amazon.

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