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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Book Review - BULLETS, BLIZZARD, AND THE BABE by James J. Griffin

Volume Seven of the Christmases Past series is a rootin' tootin' Texas Ranger western, but also a lovely Christmas story.

Ranger Jim Blawcyzk and his horse Sam have been hot in pursuit of a bank robber, Jude Tobin, and the man's young cousin, Bobby. When the ranger has the pair trapped in a cabin, Tobin won't give himself up, instead choosing a firefight.

When Tobin tricks and severely wounds Jim, he and his cousin get away. It's up to Sam to revive his master and try to take him to the nearest settlement through a driving blue norther blizzard. When Jim falls off the horse into a snowdrift, it looks like he's a gonner.

However, a  young man and his pregnant wife find him and take him along with them on their own journey. You can find out all about it by spending a paltry 99 cents at Amazon.
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