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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Book Review--THE CAT LADY'S SECRET by Linda W. Yezak

If you like funny, sweet, and romantic, you'll love this. Or at least I did!

You'll get to know the characters:
* Millie, a cat hunter
* Emily Taylor, benefactor extraordinnaire
* Scott Barlow, veterinarian extraordinnaire and pursuer of Emily
* Wade Coulter, con artist and sorta husband of Emily
* Spencer Milligan, vet's rebellious teenaged assistant
* Scotch Bonnet, roan horse with a fence to mend
* Lauren Norris, Emily's best friend
* Roger Norris, home renovator and Scott's best friend
* Paul Goodrich, investigative reporter too extraordinairre

Emily and Millie have a secret, and that darn reporter is about to figure it out. And if he does he'll publish it, Scott will never speak her...uh, them...again, and all the people whose houses have burned, the ones Emily's trying to help, will be without.

You can't live without this book. Hurry and get it from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or Christian Book Distributors.

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