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Sunday, October 5, 2014

New Releases--LAWRENCE'S CHRISTMAS & THE TRUTH TRILOGY (1 free of each)

I did something a little different with this short story. I used my dad's family as the characters, and some of the events actually happened. Most of the scenes didn't happen though--I freely admit to being a fiction freak (say that five times fast!).

Lawrence (my dad's brother) joined the army after hearing about the bombing of Pearl Harbor. This story is about his last Christmas at home for a few years. His mother and siblings want to make this Christmas memorable for him, and without giving away the end, let me just say they succeed immeasurably beyond what they expect!

One e-book is offered free to one commenter, as described after the second book.

This is actually three books in one. It's the saga of several people who come into contact with Jesus, some of them becoming Christian by the end of the third book.
Most of the characters are proselytes--converts to the Jewish religion. There are three Roman soldiers, a Greek slave, a Hispanic girl, an Egyptian slave, a Greek physician and his wife, a Roman senator, and a gaggle and a half of Jewish and Roman citizens. Don't worry--you won't be introduced to all of them on the first page.

I have mixed feelings about releasing this trilogy. You see, I've become very attached to the people in the stories. I carry these friends around with me in my head and heart, and now I've finished with their stories. Like dear friends, I'm having a hard time letting them go. Maybe I'm not alone in that--one reader tells me I have to continue to have them showing up in future books.

Who knows if that will happen? Not I--although I'm know a few of them will--Jesus, some of His disciples, and one character only briefly mentioned in one of the three books.

I'm giving away one of these books, and the winner has their choice between hard copy (which will weigh about 3.5 pounds!) or an ebook.

Now, to be entered to win one or both of these books you'll need to make a comment below. I need to know how to contact you if you're the winner. You may leave your email below, friend me on facebook and send me a message, or otherwise; just let me know. You could also check back here on October 13. I will hold the contest open until October 12.
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