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Sunday, October 19, 2014

New Release (sorta) - SUMMER IN SWEETLAND

I'm saying this is a "sorta new" release because all of the eight short stories have already been released individually in ebook format (and are still available in that format). Now all the stories have been combined into one delightful book.

Each of the stories have common threads: They are all Christian-based, they are all set in a small fictional town called Sweetland, and some of the characters meander from one story to the next. We (the authors) tried very hard to coordinate scenes, places, and events. It has been challenging, but oh so much fun! These ladies put their hearts into the stories. Some are romances, some suspense, and some heart-warming--okay, they're all heartwarming, but you know what I mean. And some are a combination thereof.

The book is still pretty economical--Amazon has the e-version for $5.99 and the paperback for $14.24; My Helping Hands Press has paperback copies for $14.99 less sale discount (until Nov. 6) of twenty percent = $2.99: Total $12.00! The code  word to enter for this sale is "Dragon." By the way--their 20 percent discount applies to everything in the store--so buy lots of all my books there. :)

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