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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Book Review - TO LAUGH ONCE MORE by Sherri Wilson Johnson

Do you remember the book To Dance Once More? This sweet story is a sequel to that. We take up the life of Lydia Barrington Scarbrough and her husband Hamilton once more.

Lydia wants to be a good wife to Hamilton, but her desire to be a socialite queen, a woman of worth, a teacher, and a mother are outstripping that desire. She butts heads with her husband over moving from Florida to Atlanta--but there really isn't a choice. His source of income evaporates in Florida, and he's been offered a lucrative position in Atlanta.

She wants people to let her fit into society there, but she is shunned over and over. He wants of fit in He loses his job in Atlanta when he refuses to have a liaison with the boss's niece, so they move to Marietta.

At first they are accepted and invited everywhere, but when Lydia makes friends with a black woman, that all changes. Will their marriage survive the notoriety?

Only you can determine that. The book is very reasonably priced at both Amazon and Barnes and Noble, so it won't take you much to find out.
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